Student Checking Accounts

This account is for individuals attending Senior High, full-time College students, or a full- time Vocational Technical student. Senior High students must have a parent or guardian to sign on the account, unless the student is 18 years or older. Limit one account per customer.

Rate Information: Earns no interest.
Minimum balance to open the account: You must deposit $50.00 to open this account.
Minimum balance to avoid Imposition of fees: none
Fees: No monthly service charge. An exit charge fee will be charged if the account is closed within six months from date of opening.
Per check charge: none
Visa check card/ATM: yes
Free checks: no
Unlimited check writing: yes
Individuals who are attending Senior High, full time College students, or a full time Vocational Technical student. Every September a proof of full time enrollment in an approved institution is required. Proof consists of a current identification card or paid voucher exhibiting class schedule. Failing to provide this information will trigger the changing of the account status from a student account to a non-interest bearing DDA.  A parent or guardian must sign on this account for anyone under 18.
Main Bank: 337-948-3033
Telebanc: 855-948-4400

Lost or Stolen Debit Card:
Lost or Stolen MasterCard: