Follow the link on our home page at www.stlandryhomestead.com, titled Personal and Enroll now.  You’ll be asked to submit your account type, account number of your primary account,  social security number,  mother’s maiden name, and email address . One of our knowledgeable online banking representatives will then complete the next phase of our enrollment process and call you within 1 – 5 days with the username and password needed to login to your accounts.

Upon receipt of your username and password, choose “Personal” in the yellow header bar that appears at the top of our web pages; input your username and password in the area provided; and click Login Read and Accept the Online Banking Agreement and Electronic Funds Transfer Act Disclosure Agreement.

You will then be required to enter a New Username and Password, which you will use for all future access. The Set Security data screen will display. Complete the information required to establish your personal security information. Please note:

  • The image shown and the pass phrase you select will show at every login for assurance that you are on our legitimate website.
  • If you choose personal computer, the site will register your computer. Challenge questions and/or a one-time passcode are presented when a user attempts to log in using an unregistered (public) computer.


Mobile Banking

This browser based application is an added feature of online banking and may be used to check account balances, view recent transactions, view check images, receive alerts, and transfer funds between accounts. Customers must have a mobile device with internet access and be enrolled in online banking. Your wireless carrier may assess fees for data or text messaging services. Please consult your wireless plan or provider for details.

To setup this feature, click on Options at the top of the screen. Scroll to the Mobile Banking section and click edit. Once you input information and click Submit, a text will be sent to your mobile device.

The Homestead does not charge a fee for Mobile Banking.



Messenger is a flexible tool included with online banking that combines two powerful functions: event monitoring and electronic messaging. This product, which is a part of your online banking service, can be used through online banking to receive automatic notifications for activities like daily balance alerts, high/low balance alerts, loan payment clearings, and certificate maturity alerts. Alert notifications can be sent via e-mail or text.

To setup this feature, click on the links in the Messages section on the accounts page.


Bill Pay

Save money on stamps and envelopes. Customers who are enrolled in online banking can pay their bills in minutes, rather than hours, with our online CheckFree Bill Pay Service. You can make payments to virtually anyone with this easy to use, fully secure service.

The Homestead does charge a fee for Bill Pay in the amount of $4.95 per month.

To activate this service, log in to your online banking account, click on the primary checking account, and choose Bill Pay. This links you to important CheckFree Bill Pay disclosures. Follow on-screen instructions and demos. Customer Service is available at 800-877- 8021 between the hours of 7 am to 1 am ET seven days per week.

Additional information about online banking

Express Transfer
Allows you to perform a transfer immediately upon logging in. See your Online Banking agreement for further details about transfers.

The Future Scheduled Transactions Section
Allows you to view pending transfers for each account. Select account from the drop down list.

Stop Payments
Allows you to request a Stop Payment on any one of the assigned accounts. The cost and further details are explained in the Online Banking Agreement.

Check Orders
This button will redirect you to Harland Clarke’s site for ordering checks.

Main Bank: 337-948-3033
Telebanc: 855-948-4400

Lost or Stolen Debit Card:
Lost or Stolen MasterCard: