St. Landry About Us

St. Landry Homestead Federal Savings Bank was established in 1922 and has been in continuous operation since then. We have weathered the Great Depression, two World Wars, the slumping economy of the 80s, and the inevitable rises and slumps in the economy without compromising our values or goals. We are continuously updating our products and services to make sure that every member of our community can be served.

We are a locally established financial institution and have made a commitment to maintain all the values people appreciate in a community bank – honesty, personal service and a true concern for our customers and community, while still keeping pace with today’s changing financial world. After more than eighty years, there have only been four bank presidents.

Our history is just as rich as that of our community’s. With its dramatic history and diverse cultures, St. Landry Parish boasts a difference, which few, if any, places in America can claim today. Native American, European, African, Acadian, and Creole cultures have mixed and matched for almost three centuries to produce the spirit of survival against all odds, a unique spirit that could only come from hardship, that gives St. Landry Parish its own unique survivalist character and personality.

It’s the perfect place for St. Landry Homestead Federal Savings Bank and the people it serves to thrive.
Main Bank: 337-948-3033
Telebanc: 855-948-4400

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